By signing up in store or in person, with just your name and an email address you get access to a great rewards program! Unlike punch cards or a keychain that you have to carry around, Elevated’s plan is one you can’t misplace,  forget or wash in the laundry.

How does it work?

Our plan works month to month. Depending on how much you spend in total dollars each month at Elevated, you can hit a reward “level” that is good for a discount coupon usable anytime in the following month.

$40-$99 = 5% off

$100-199 = 10% off

$200 and up = 15% off

How does the coupon work?

Your rewards discount is based on the level you attained the prior month. It resets each month so remember to use it during the month. You must mention your discount at check out when you want to use it (it doesn’t pop up or apply automatically for us).  Discounts are good on non-sale items and are good for one full purchase up to $500 in total.

Please note that manually discounted purchases do not count towards your next months reward level. For example, when your redeem a reward from a previous month, those discounted items do not apply towards your next month’s reward level.

We can always look up your rewards by name or email. No need to print out the email.

We will never sell or give away your information to third parties. Our reward program includes an occasional email letting you know about what is happening at the store. You can always opt out of this email but we try and keep it brief and add value with occasional special deals for our Rewards Customers.